Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Little Girl

Kyleena Raylyn is 9 months old now. She loves crawling all over the house. She's figured out that if mom or dad leave the room, she has an effective method of travel which can quickly carry her back to them. Once she arrives, she grabs our legs and uses them to hoist herself up to standing. Once standing, she burrows her head into us as if to say, "Don't leave me ever again!" Kyleena loves making noises, and she loves hearing noises. The best time for a good scream is when things get super quiet, for example sacrament meeting. She'll let out a good belt with a huge smile on her face as if to say "I echoed!" She likes her new, more advanced, baby foods. Some favorites include strawberry oat and banana orange. Kyleena will dance to something as simple as the snapping of one's fingers. She loves percussion! We think that maybe one day she'll be the drummer in a girl band.

Kyleena is also going through her separation anxiety phase. Sometimes she wants mommy, sometmes it's daddy. Usually she doesn't care which. However, the other day she actually showed a definite preference. We were all sitting on our bed and I was holding Kyleena. Doug kept trying to take her from me and she kept turning away as if to politely avoid him. Finally, he reached for her and she yelled in the snottiest voice we've heard from her yet "MOM!" Then she turned and gave me a huge kiss on the lips. haha. I'm still laughing thinking about that.


I found these old videos on my computer and I had to laugh. How could I not? These were some of my roomies my sophomore year at UVSC. At the time I lived with Camille, Meredith, Britta, Rachel, and Angie in Parkway Crossing. Featured in the videos are Meredith and Britta and Rachel, Halee, Meredith, and Britta.

I'm so happy I didn't live with a bunch of grown-ups!

Also, when I started this I didn't realize I was logged in as Doug. This is obviously Halee. I'll try and figure out how to change that.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I love these kissy pics! Kyleena had just started this new thing where she would grab my face, hold on tight, and just lay one on me.

Kyleena's 6 Month Photos

When Kyleena was 6 months old we took her to the Sharlot Hall Museum here in Prescott, Arizona for a little photo shoot. Our friend Lauren Shepherd was the photographer. Lauren caught some adorable mommy-daughter moments as well as capturing Kyleena at this sweet age.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our Family

Our little family consists of Douglas, Halee, and Kyleena. Doug and Halee were married September 22nd, 2006. Kyleena was born on May 9th, 2008. We are all healthy and happy! I'll tell you more about us as time goes on (because obviously this is just a measly introduction.) But for now, that's who we are. We're glad you came to visit us and we hope we can entertain you enough to keep you coming back. :)