Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winning the 4am Toilet Lottery

The time is 4:00am. Baby cries. Halee rolls over to Doug, "Doug, can you hand me that baby?" Doug dutifully goes for baby and bottle. Halee changes poopy diaper. Doug returns with bottle and then moves for an early morning trip to the toilet. Baby eats. Upon Doug's return, Halee heads for toilet. Toilet is full of pee. Halee flushes toilet. WINNER WINNER WINNER!!!!! Jackpot. Toilet had already backed up. Toilet was already full to the brim. Toilet spills over with mad glee and Halee, floor, everything Halee can wrap her 4:00am head around is covered in pee and toilet water. Halee freaks out. Halee cleans entire bathroom, does serious laundry, and showers. 5:30am: Halee writes blog post.