Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kyleena's Story (I tried to repeat this word for word.)

Once upon a time, it was dark and I was in my bed. And I heard a sound that I thought was a baby, but it wasn't a baby... It was a monster!  I came creeping out of my bed and into the living room and there was the monster! It had green eyes and I couldn't see it 'cause it was camouflaged. But then, its eyes turned red, and then blue, and then black. All of a sudden, the monster turned into a ghost! The ghost ate me!!

The End.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Finally a blog post! (and from my phone no less)

I think I'm going to pick up phone blogging. Hurray for apps that allow me to get things done on the go.

Family update: Things are going well.

Doug is loving his job at Boeing and was recently informed that he would be receiving a promotion. Already, Doug was doing more than his job required, so the promotion won't change what he does at work each day, it'll just pay him accordingly!

I am gearing up for recital season at my jobs. I like this time of year because seeing my choreography make its way to the stage is very fulfilling artistically.

Kyleena is wrapping up her first year of Joy School. Joy School is basically an in-home preschool rotation. I teach tomorrow, Tuesday, and this coming Thursday and the next week it'll be at a different house, and so on. She loves learning new things and comes running to the door when she gets home; eager to show me things she made or gathered from outside. My latest challenge is trying to get together a new group for next year....

Ryker has learned how to whine, stomp, and be grumpy. He has not, however, learned how to talk (much)! Looks like I'm trading in another angel baby for a toddler...  Oh well! C'est la vie. They grow and each phase has its upsides as well. For example, Ryker is still a major cuddler, and you can't beat that!

The news that thrills me to the bone is that on May 19th, we are moving into a house! Yay!!! It's a rental... Say what you will about buying in this market, but we just aren't ready.... And I love it! The house isn't fully updated, but it's clean and spacious. It's a 60s style contemporary built in the 90s. I'm a real fan of contemporary architecture so I love it. I can just picture my mom and dad (and who knows who else) calling it ugly, haha, but I'm the one who gets to live in it! (Pictures to come.) I cannot wait to not be shoved into an apartment any longer. We'll be in our same ward here in Madison, in a neighborhood called Stoneridge just at the base of Rainbow Mountain.

So... That's the gyst. I'll try and be a better blogger....... ;)