Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Reason Halee Hates Nature TV

Doug always watches those nature shows and I just can't stand to watch animals eat eachother. Sure, I'm no vegetarian, but today on this special on coral reefs that Douglas tivod I learned about shrimp who ganged up on a starfish, flipped him on his back, and would then eat him to death for weeks.  I expressed to Doug then what I will express to you now: we may eat other animals, but we certainly don't put them on their backs in the kitchen and slowly eat them to death over a period of weeks. Nature blows.


  1. I love you. :) And I so agree about those shows! Hate them!!

  2. It is true what you say, and sad. It is not nice to torture. Shrimp should behave better, and kill the poor star in a more quickly manner- and THEN feast. I can't bare the thought of being eaten alive.

  3. Bad shrimp! Bad! Where do they learn their manners?